Listening Chapter
Roksan Blak Integrated Amplifier

“The Blak series launched in recent years by Roksan, with thirty years of history, made a glowing impression on many audiophiles. … Enthusiasts who are familiar with British amplifiers know that British amps emphasise the overall sound effect more than the power of the driving force. When bookshelf speakers are pushed by British amps, oftentimes it creates a beautiful sense of musicality.”

“My friend deliberately played the German numbered version of Aleatory, and when it reached the track Serendipity on the B side, the dense and palpable textures in this LP was brought completely into the light by Blak; the textures in the vocals come across as real, and the ambiance is harmonious and pleasing to the ear. The sound is as exquisite as that of a 40-watt push-pull tube amplifier. … From the finely detailed sound effects, and the vivid and aromatic atmosphere I could hear,… I am certain that most of these excellent sound effects came from Blak! ”

“Later on, when playing excerpts from a high bit-rate file of Dynamic Piano from my smartphone via Bluetooth, as the power transmitted through Blak, the repeated quickening and rapid undulations on the keyboard completely entrances fans of heavy bass. The power and the low frequencies are so powerful that it made me see the Blak integrated amp in a different light.”

“When you use Blak as a “pure power amp”, and add an independent pre-amp control, the Blak’s sound effect makes a triple-jump and goes straight through the roof. ……By adjusting the two volume controls on the pre-amp and the Blak respectively … you can achieve an ever-changing spectrum of sounds.”

“Roksan’s Blak has brought me endless surprises, it also gave me a new understanding of an integrated amp. On top of that, there is also a CD player in the same Blak series. I wonder what kind of divine sound effects can be achieved when the two are combined?”

W.K. Wong
Audiophile 2021.07