HiFi Review – Test Report
The Right Chess Move in the New Era
Attessa Streaming Integrated Amplifier

“The streaming and decoding quality of the Attessa Streaming Amplifier is pleasantly surprising. The sound density, dynamics, as well as the bass, submersion and degree of control all exceed expectations. The bass on this integrated amp can be deemed spectacular. Even if the bass on the PMC loudspeakers by themselves is already great quality, but from my the past experience, the Attessa Streaming Amplifier is the only integrated amp that shows off this kind of submersion!”

“Overall, the Attessa Streaming Amplifier is a relaxed, dynamic, and highly compatible British-style integrated amp that will not be limited by your musical taste. It can play most recordings with dynamism and power; it won’t pick out the flaws, and articulates the musical details with good measure.”

“The Attessa is not rigid and demanding. You can even say its sound is wide-ranging and highly compatible, musically engaging, yet still analytically outstanding.”

– Archimedes
HiFi Review 2022.05