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Test Report Audio Note P3 Tonmeister
A Rolex-Grade 300B Power Amplifier

Test Report: Audio Note P3 Tonmeister – A Rolex-Grade 300B Power Amplifier

“For decades, Audio Note has been a leader in the production technology of 300B power amplifiers. Their output and power transformers are handmade, and their premium craftsmanship and materials never fail to amaze, which makes it difficult to imitate. The characteristic of Audio Note’s high-fidelity sound is a unique style filled with charisma, which makes it instantly addictive and without any antidote. There is always a price and a market with such irresistible musical charm. As long as you can afford one, you can say you have not lived this life in vain.”

“Please do not underestimate its power of less than 10W. The P3 Tonmeister (referred to as P3T hereinafter) will bring users infinite surprises. It is indeed an amazing little giant⋯”

“Listening to Karen Carpenter’s singing, in the world of vacuum tube amps, I believe only a 300B can perfectly reproduce her rich emotions. It is indeed so enchanting that every line of the lyrics draws you in with a unique sensation. It feels as though the singer is in the room in person, and sang her sentimental view on life. I was left speechless – [the 300B gets] full marks for emotion!”

“With the work of classic rock ‘n’ roll veteran Teddy Robin, the P3T expresses the nostalgic sensation of rock music. The atmosphere is strong, the rhythm bouncing fully with power; the firepower is not scorching, but emanating youthful energy. It gives you a pleasing listening experience,… Hearing Johnny Yip’s Forget the Feelings in Your Hear, it feels as though you are experiencing the vicissitudes of life, peering through life itself, and getting intoxicated to forget worries, and living with unruly abandonment for the rest of your life!”

“On Jenny Tseng’s Crescent Blade in Spring Rain, [this theme song] for the classic wuxia martial arts TV drama [God of Sabre], brought back my infinite memories of camaraderie and loyalty in the story. Jenny’s smooth and silky voice sounded endless, bringing about a kind of intoxication that cannot be described in words. … A richly detailed emotional portrayal is absolutely the strength of P3T.”

“Veteran jazz singer Ingram Washington’s Always On My Mind poses the ultimate test on the bass. ⋯[The P3T] perfectly relayed every note and every word with such clarity and accuracy, that when I continued to listen to Carmen Gomes’s lazy interpretation of I’m On Fire, which contains many subtle changes in the length of notes, variations in high and low tones, the listener can easily feel as though they themselves are ‘on fire’.”

“The 300B perfectly reproduces the highest level of human vocals. It is neither warm nor exaggerated. It goes without saying, it will never give people the feeling that its sound is produced by a machine. These are precisely the reasons for the high price of premium equipment.”

“Playing Master Superior 2021 Limited Edition,… my attention is mainly focused on the airiness and cohesion of the sound stage. The extension of ultra-high frequencies was endless. Even if I go to the inaudible frequency bands that the human ear cannot hear, the atmosphere can still be felt lingering in the big room…”

“The classical performance on the renowned violin album Gala Stradivarius Concert, delivered by various virtuosos with supple strings, [painted a continuous picture of] flowing water and clouds with gorgeous timbre that emanated a woody fragrance. The violin shone with soft brilliance, and it sounded so natural and true.”

“The anime master Katsuhiro Otomo’s Metropolis tells a thrilling adventure story. In the colourful scenery of the metropolis, there are close calls and surprises, [playing the soundtrack] perfectly recreates the cinematic feeling of the large-scale animation….Through the detailed and sumptuous music performance, you can appreciate the essence of everything without the need for high sound pressure.”

“Frankly speaking, P3T is surprisingly infectious. Portraying vocals and strings requires a gentle elasticity, [once you achieve that] the sound becomes outstanding and draws listeners in with infinite allure.”

– Thomas Wang
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