HiFi Review – Superb Sound Quality, Enjoying My Music to the Fullest!

“When you open the cover, what you see in front of you is a super hefty Audio Note transformer wound with pure silver. The sheer size of each transformer is scarily large. They are neatly arranged, and their wiring is tidy and meticulous. ⋯⋯All of this shows the extraordinary artisanal design, and the exquisite workmanship took my breath away.”

“Rich emotions, absolute humanity, the singer’s skills, spontaneous natural beauty without any artificiality, fully showing the singer’s personal style and strength, 100% engaged, not merely high-resolution but an affective performance, with every lyric so touching that it made the listener surge with emotion. Everything and anything, in the musical realm of the 300B, is an incurable musical addiction.”

“Audio Note is the cream of the crop when it comes to 300B [valves]. The addictive power it creates has been near impossible to resist despite my many years of experience in the world of hi-fi.”

“Various classical musical instruments tested the accuracy of the audio setup. Naturally for the Meishu Phono 300B Kapellmeister, this is of course not a problem. The strings and piano also add a lot of lustre, and silky melodious smoothness. It’s hard to stop listening.”

“Good Morning Little School Girl was full of charm. When I picture it in my mind, I felt like I could smell the smoke coming from Muddy Waters. The real sense of immersion in the scene was exactly what it should be.”

“Through the Meishu Phono 300B Kapellmeister’s interpretation, the unique personal styles of world-class jazz singers were restored 1:1. There was no pretentiousness, no artificial elements added, and the songs lingered in my mind for days. I have listened to them many times, but I still enjoy them and listen to them time and again.”

“[George Lam’s song is] almost a song that I grew up with. As I listened, a young and energetic George Lam was dancing and singing in front of me with big lungs… While listening to the LP, I truly forgot that I was testing equipment; I was sincerely enjoying the music and forgetting myself.”

“There are too many conclusions to draw. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to listen to this extraordinary 300B integrated amplifier.”

Thomas Wang
HiFi Review