Tube World Monthly – Endless Audio Note
Intricate Details in Minimalist Design –
The New Generation of Audio Note’s Vinyl Turntable TT-3

DATE : 29 Jun, 2021
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“On top of the large exposed three-motor conveyor system, the synchronous turntable suspension, the all-aluminium construction, and so on so forth, are all clear technical and material improvements. When it comes to sound performance, as soon as the TT-3 is turned on, its sense of authority was only stronger, and not a hint weaker than that of the old Voyd Reference, especially when playing large arrangements of classical music. [The TT-3’s] regal style is absolutely unheard of in British turntables!”

“I still remember when I first listened to the TT-3 in the UK, Peter Qvortrup said that the design focus of this iteration is on “simplicity”… This most recent generation, the TT-3 is certainly shockingly great in terms of price, but most surprisingly, when Eddy offhandedly played a bit of Arthur Grumiux’s fine piece Für meine freunde (For My Friends), which everyone is familiar with, the sound of the violin was phenomenal. From the swaying movements of the violin, to the texture of the bow grazing against its strings, the emotions were 100% invested, and it was the very best of Audio Note’s signature sound!”

- Charlie Ma

Tube World Monthly June 2021

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