HiFi Review – Best Buy of the Year 2018 – Integrated Amplifier – Audio Note Oto SE Line Signature

“On top of the benefits of EL84 [output valves], the Oto Line SE Signature integrated amplifier also inherited the beauty of Audio Note’s sound. It can play unbridled, and show off solid and fast beats.
When it comes to cabling, as Oto Line SE Signature has a clean sound with solid and fast beats, I like to pair it with rounder, warmer components. For the power cord, Isoclean Focus II is a perfect match; for the interconnect, the Audio Note ISIS pure copper makes a great partner. The only thing is, the exterior of the plus is slightly too large, and it doesn’t fit Electrocompaniet EMC1 MKIII SACD, so I picked the reliable Dignity Audio Bravo, another pure copper cable of good value.
Oto Line SE Signature is Audio Note’s evergreen integrated amplifier model that’s good value for money, and a crowd-pleaser that is compatible with many.
The Oto Line SE Signature is timeless, and will only sound better with time!”