Tube World Monthly – 15th Anniversary Special Issue Best New Vacuum Tube Amplifier for the Past Year – Audio Note Meishu Line Tonmeister

“…With only 8 watts on each channel, the low frequencies played are unexpectedly strong and powerful. Yours truly listened in person, and I found the speed and the solidness of the low frequencies to be as good as those on a 40 watt push-pull amp. Let’s just say this is a pure single-ended type A model, not only with sound as clear as a cloudless day typical of its type, but a thunderous driving force. This definitely is my pick for the best new amplifier in the past year!”

“The Meishu Line Tonmeister (MLT) is based on the simplest circuit, a 300B amplifier housed in one single chassis. It was developed to be simple: just connect a signal source and a pair of speakers, and you can enjoy the amazing sound of Audio Note’s 300B. The drive on this model has deliberately been boosted, so that it not only has the sound of 300B, and also a stong driving capacility!”

“⋯⋯ [It sounds] lustrous, rich and glossy, ⋯ with vibrant dynamics ⋯ When playing a piano recording, its unique nuance easily intoxicates the listener, ⋯⋯ The MLT ‘sings’ with such energy, it is unbelievable that the sound is emitted by a SET amp with less than 10 watts.”

“I know about the appealing sound of an Audio Note machine, but I never thought of using it to play large-scale string or even percussion arrangements. ⋯ The MLT is still unfazed, showing a full sense of life, and its mid-low frequencies are so strong, it is very ‘addictive’ to listen to. Its sound composes a rich and ever musical picture.”

–       Wong Wai Kei

Tube World Monthly – May 2020