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《First Taste of Power from Audio Note Legend Amplifier》
《Audio Note Legend – The Legend in the Grass Hut》
《Audio Note Legend – Wonders Never Cease with Each Visit to the Grass Hut》

First Taste of Power from Audio Note Legend Amplifier

“Every Legend is truly unique. From the outward appearance of this power amp, I can already sense that the production has an extraordinary level of craftsmanship worthy of gold and jade.”

“[Listening to the sound of Min Huifen’s erhu on the Jiangheshui (River of Sorrow) album] … I’ve listened to this Super Audio CD dozens of times, and it’s the first time I’ve heard it this way! You can tell that the Legend has a precise full-frequency balance and an excellent ultra-high frequency extension, which is truly rare.”

“Each set uses a pair of 211 vacuum tubes to balance the single-ended 45-watt output driving the Akira speakers at the Grass Hut. Not only is this more than sufficient, the character of its sound is also smooth and unhurried as expected. coupled with its unusual and amazing penetration, the percussion is so powerful that you can say that hearing is believing!”

“When contemporary violinist Ruggiero Ricci performed Elgar’s La Capricieuse on the famous Stradivarous violin, the sound pushed through the Legend to the Akiras creates a tone that is delicate yet lustrous, mellow and fragrant, and the full-bodied clarity brings about a haunting reverie. It is particularly worth mentioning that the treble strings are clear and smooth, as if silkily ascending up the sky without a glitch, which is another first experience in my life.”

“When processing music that has frequent notes changes at the speed of lightning, the sound emerging from the Legend is crisp and clean. You can hear that its instantaneous response is good, and it tends to outshine its peers. With its all-rounded performance in terms of energy, large dynamics and micro-dynamics, the sense of real musicality that the Legend emanates is naturally out of this world.”

– Stephen
Audiotechnique Cover Feature


Audio Note Legend — The Legend in the Grass Hut

“Brother Big Grass has always shared with us photos of the Legend before it left the factory. Everyone already knew about its design and physical appearance, as well as the excellent craftsmanship, but when I saw this pair of power amps in person, I was still blown away. Given its shiny chassis, with its elegant and stately colourway, the overall visual effect is so much better than in the photos.”

“In terms of appearance, ‘Legend’ can beat 99.9% of the competitors in the market, but at the end of the day, the sound performance is the most important part. If an audiophile applies normal logic to estimate the extent of improvement in sound performance that can be brought by upgrading a pair of power amps, the improvement this time round is definitely jaw-dropping, because what I heard is not as simple as merely upgrading the power amp. The magnitude and scope of the improvement made me think that both the pre-amp and the power amp have been upgraded. The Legend has shown unexpected improvements in sound density, analytical power and dynamics.”

“The sensation of being directly in contact with the music is exactly what impressed me the most about the Legend. The sense of presence was so strong that I deeply felt the atmosphere in the 1985 [John Denver Best Live] concert in USSR, it was as though I have travelled back in time to the scene.… The three instruments of piano, violin and cello had such clarity in tone. It goes without saying how the texture of the violin and piano, and their micro-dynamics showed excellent performance, even the melody of the cello is staggeringly clear. The resonance of the piano is so harmonious and steady, I have never heard anything like it before. With the beautiful melody created by Schubert, there is no higher enjoyment in life than this!”

“When hi-fi reaches this ultimate level of sound effect, it has the ability to transport you to a performance venue that you have never been to before, so you can appreciate the
amazing performances of legendary musicians!”

– KF Leung
Audiotechnique Cover Feature


Audio Note Legend – Wonders Never Cease with Each Visit to the Grass Hut

“This set of JK plays the best vocals and guitar I’ve ever heard! … It sounds as natural as a person sitting in front of you and talking to you, only they are not speaking, they’re singing!”

“The Jiangheshui (River of Sorrow) album passionately performed by Min Huifen is one that I have to listen to every time. This time, the erhu has the perfect silhouette. Too much would make it be too fat, and too little would make it too thin. The same goes for the accompanying yangqin, the Chinese dulcimer. Each and every detail is brought out as much as possible.”

“After playing Che gelida manina (What a frozen little hand) sung by Pavarotti on the La Boheme record, I threw whatever notions I had of Hi-Fi and Hi-end behind me and surrendered myself to savouring the performance of the King of the High Cs. I was completely enjoying being surrounded by his tenor voice, and was in utter awe beyond words.”

“JK is still brand-new this time, and it hasn’t warmed up enough. I can’t even imagine how it will improve in two to three months’ time!”

– Beatle
Audiotechnique Cover Feature